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The Arbella at Ashland is a proposed 180-unit senior residential apartment rental community for independent and active adults aged 62 and older. The community will be developed, owned and professionally managed by the United Group of Companies, Inc. (United Group), a full-service real estate company based in Troy, NY. With nearly fifty-years of industry experience, United Group has developed and managed luxury and affordable independent senior housing communities in New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Colorado.

When it comes to mission-driven development, United Group distinguishes itself as an industry leader and visionary by focusing on senior solutions, building true lifestyle communities, and offering the SUN®(Senior Umbrella Network) Program, our unique and award-winning activities program that helps promote a social and active lifestyle for residents, as well as provide an option to age in place in a community-orientated environment without the costly and physically taxing burdens of homeownership.
Click here to learn more about United Group and our experience developing and managing senior housing communities.


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